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Imagineer at Walt Disney World

Join Former Disney Imagineer Brian Collins For an Amazing Personalized Experience!

Brian talking to guests on a tour
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Have you ever wanted to walk the parks and see Disney through the eyes of an Imagineer?

​Please join me for one of my signature Strolls and Dining experiences...and now easily search, reserve and book yourself!


Have you ever wanted to walk the parks and see Disney through the eyes of an Imagineer?

Perhaps you're in the business of themed entertainment and are looking to improve your marketing efforts like improving your website or adding social media components. Then there's my obvious favorite--creative development, such as show writing & production for new and exciting attractions. Whether your objectives are personal or professional, I stand ready to serve you by building a magical relationship and experience!

Theme park strolls

If you’ve ever wanted to spend time strolling through your favorite Disney park with some who helped create the magic, then this experience is for you! My unique history, insight, and expertise brings a special understanding and perspective that only a former Disney Imagineer can offer.



Would you be interested in spending some time chatting with a former Walt Disney Imagineer? This add-on gives you a chance to do just that in a fun, relaxed environment over lunch or dinner.

Corporate & Educational experiences

Looking for a dynamic, relevant keynote speaker, conference breakout session, workshop facilitator, college lecturer, or other engaging presentation?


Including my signature in-park training experiences and my"How to Think Like an Imagineer" sessions

*Not affiliated in any way with  Walt Disney Imagineering

Brian on a Lunch Tour with Guests

It’s a rare chance for any Disney fan to get some up-close time with a Disney Imagineer!

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As a Show Writer with Walt Disney Imagineering, I helped create the magic for many of the world's most beloved attractions including The Jungle Cruise, Epcot's World Showcase and the former Great Movie Ride. Now, whether providing you with unique insights and stories while visiting on pleasure or working with your company, you'll benefit from my experience garnered from over 30 years as a former Cast Member,  Imagineer and Consultant. My insight is truly unique and I enjoy nothing more than sharing this with you.

Want to take a stroll, have a dinner or work on a project?

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Brian in Studio
Brian starting a tour with guests

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~ Disney Insight, Business Consulting, Show Writing & Creative Development ~


All from the magical and unique experience of a former Walt Disney Imagineer!

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