"A dream, can be, a dream come true.
With just that spark, from me and you."

"One Little Spark"
From Journey Into Imagination

Teachers-Let Me Add That Spark to Your Classroom...and Your Career!

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A Live Classroom "Zoom" from Disney

When my time and schedule allows, I always enjoy coming to your classrooms live from one of the Disney theme parks! While I never charge for these experiences, I won't be shy in saying if you want to make a donation afterwards or toss a gift card my way, I wouldn't be opposed. To arrange, please use the form below to submit a request. I'll then get back to you with any additional questions!


"PD Magic" at Walt Disney World - The Most Magical Professional Development Experience for Teachers

Each Summer, I team up with two other world-class educators to offer PD Magic-The Most Magical Professional Development Experience for Teachers! It takes place over multiple days at the Walt Disney World Resort here in Orlando, FL. You'll leave with new ideas, new friends, PD hours, and so much more! Email me for additional information or use the link below to register.

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Custom Experiences for You or Your Students

Customized PD experiences, presentations and workshops are available here in Orlando, within your school, or district, or perhaps during a conference. Costs will vary based on the experience.


If you'd like to get your teachers or students "thinking like an Imagineer", email me and let's discuss how I can bring the magic to you!